Our meetings are run on the Star-Link IRC network. You can use our embedded chat program or your own IRC program to join our meetings. The following information will help you with the latter option.


  • #SAA


  • ROCHESTER.MI.US.StarLink-IRC.Org -
  • WICHITA.KS.US.StarLink-IRC.Org -
  • STOPOVER.KY.US.StarLink-IRC.Org -


  • 6663 - 6669 or 7001

Basic Commands

  • /join [channel] - Opens the channel specifice, e.g. /join #SAA
  • /nick [nickname] - Changes the users nickname, e.g. /nick saaOnline
  • /query [nickname] - Opens a private message (PM) chat with the specified user, e.g. /query saaOnline
  • /me [msg] - Displays the users name followed by the specified message; often used to convey an action by the user, e.g. /me agrees

IRC Clients

These IRC clients are known to work with the Network and the #SAA channel.


Mac OS

iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Additional IRC Information

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