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Group Conscience Meeting Minutes 2018-09-06


2.New Items
2.1 Motion to review the scheduled meetings at September's Group Conscience Meeting and adjust accordingly with the ISO.
Received feedback from MatthewH
Monday Meetings are Chaired by Peter
Wednesday and Friday Meetings are Chaired by Wikus
The other meetings have had no chairs recently and was chaired as impromptu by members available.
No Changes to be made with the ISO.

2.2 Motions Raised during the Meeting.
2.2.1 Founder Member Status to be Changed, Peter to become Founder member with Wikus as Co-Founder.
Motion Passed (4 members Present, 4 Yes Votes, 0 No Votes)
2.2.2 Motion to contact other trusted servants that have not been attending / chairing meetings enquiring to their situation. If no response is received by end of September their OP Priveleges will be revoked.
Motion Passed (4 members Present, 4 Yes Votes, 0 No Votes)
2.2.3 Motion to Grant AOP Priveliges to MatthewH and Freebird
Motion tabled until October.
2.2.4 Motion to grant access to all trusted servant to the help@saaonline.org email acount via webmail.
Motion Passed (3 members Present, 3 Yes Votes, 0 No Votes)

3.Discussion Points
No Discussion Points.

5.1 Next Meeting to be held on 11 October 2018 at 8PM in the #SAA2 room.