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Group Conscience Meeting Minutes 2018-03-01


2.New Items
2.1 J13 : Users, exluding trusted servants, who are idle for more than 30 minutes in the main room should be contacted by a Trusted servant and if no response is received, they should be kicked.
Motion Passed
6 Members Present, 6Yes votes, 0No votes.

3.Discussion Points
3.1. J13 : I loved the pm feature being automatically disabled and being able to either turn it back on or just enable it for certain people.
3.2. J13 : (A suggestion, maybe not for the meeting) I love how Reg comes online often and checks in and shares with the group. I wish the other ops were on more often, getting to know members and sharing their ESH more, kicking lurkers, trolls, etc. But, I realize it's all volunteer and am very grateful for them all being there to chair meetings. :)
3.3. J13 : I would love to see people get kicked for idle time over a certain # of minutes. There are so many lurkers that don't say a word.
3.4. Reginald : Does the members have issues with Trusted Servants monitoring the room when meetings are not in session. Right now if a Trusted Servants comes in the room and notices websites are being mentioned,that someone is swearing or that someone is actting innapropriaty, we mention this to the person in question...usually first in pm and then in the main channel. Would you like this to change.
3.5. Reginald : Does the members want Trusted Servants to be voted on and have a set amount of time to serve? ie 6 months and then reevaluate. (May give space for new folks who want to help out but dont want a long term basis necesarily).
3.6. Jen123 : Topic themed meetings should it always be the same each week or should it change?
3.7. JEN123 : Trusted servants must have a working knowledge of all 12 steps, have at least 3 months sobriety, and have actively attended online meetings for at least 1 month.